Happy Doggie Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Service

As a pet owner, the most worrying thing about booking a holiday is who is going to look after your pet. At Happy Doggie we are dedicated to helping you fulfill your pets needs in their familiar home environment whilst you enjoy a well deserved holiday.

By staying in familiar surroundings with their same diet and routine, your pet will remain happy, content and less stressed. Spending at least 30 minutes (or longer) on each visit, your pet will be played with, petted, fed, watered and walked.

For cats, we recommend at least two visits per day, and for dogs, at least three visits per day, including at least two walks on the visits.

When we visit your pet we will give your pet lots of fuss and attention in addition to his/her feeding, exercise and toileting needs. We really pride ourselves on becoming your pets surrogate parents for the duration of your holiday so you can rest assured that your pet will be happy when you return home.

Happy Doggie is a pet service for Alnwick & surrounding villages
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi for Northumberland.