Puppy walking & visits

Pet Visit Service

If you are busy at work, working late, or cannot get home during the day, why not get in touch with Happy Doggie. We offer a popular pet visiting service for many people who work long hours, or are going away for a little while.

Happy Doggie offer to visit your cat dog or any other pet in your own home. We can feed and administer medication if required. We offer them our company as well as providing petting and playing.

Our usual 30 minute service can be tailored to suite the needs of your pet(s). We can also arrange multiple visits per day if required. We will feed and clean out your pets. We will also provide them with fresh water.

You can relay on us to ensure that all spillages and pet mishaps are cleaned away and areas disinfected. In the case of your cat we will ensure the litter tray is cleaned and refreshed and we will deal with any hunting presents left by your feline friend! We offer reduced rates for more than one visit per day.

If you are returning late in the evening we will put your home lights on and close any curtains if requested. This offers more security for you and your home.

Happy Doggie is a pet service for Alnwick & surrounding villages
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi for Northumberland.