Happy Doggie Service Costs

We provide a wide range of services to Alnwick and the surrounding villages in Northumberland. We are fully insured for every service we provide

Dog Walking

£10 per hour

50% discount for more than one dog (per house)

60 min walk

Social interaction

Puppy Visit & Walk

£7 per 30 min

Wet/dry food included

30 min walk

Social interaction

Pet Visit

£7 per 30 min

Pet fed and watered

Messes cleaned up

Social interaction

Pet Taxi

£0.40 per mile

Luxury pet transportation

Any pet taken

Social interaction

Dog Hydrotherapy


Transport to nearest Hydrotherapy

Washed & dried

Social interaction

Pet Sitting

£7 per 30 min

Multiple visits per day to your own home

Daily Visits

Social interaction

About our service

Happy Doggie are devoted to providing an extraordinary service for you and your pets. Rest assured in the knowledge that we are fully insured, CRB vetted and hold K9 first aid qualifications.

Our services provide great social interaction for your pets. After your initial contact we will visit you and more importantly your pet at home. We will ask you to tell us your needs and your requirements in managing your friend.

We will also explain the terms and conditions of Happy Doggie and what we require to make our services the best you can find.

What to expect

Dog & Puppy Walking

For dog walks, once we have undergone the initial consultation, we can then pick your dog up at a specified van, and either take them for a local walk, or provide a walk along the scenic beaches or walks around Alnwick. For puppies (age dependent) we will provide local walks for a set time, which will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Pet Visits

We will provide an initial consultation at your own home, and meet your pet(s). We will need details on where everything is to be able to clean up any accidents, and provide food and fresh clean water for your pets. We will discuss visiting times and any other key details required to gain access to your pet(s).

Pet Taxi

With our state of the art pet transportation van, we can provide any number of services where your pet needs to get from point A to point B. We will undergo an initial consultation with yourself and meet your pet. We can show you around the van so you are safe in the knowledge your loved one will be well looked after during their taxi ride.

Dog Hydrotherapy

We provide transportation to and from any local registered Hydrotherapy centers around Alnwick. We can provide recommendations if you are unsure which location to choose. Your dog will be taken in our pet taxi to its destination where we will stay with your pet while it undergoes treatment. We will also wash and dry your dog for its return to your home.

Pet Sitting

If you are planning on going away on a holiday, why not leave your pets at home where they are safe and know their surroundings. We will happily pet sit while you are away, not only looking after your pets, but keeping a safe eye on your home while you are away.

Our little customers

Here at Happy Doggie we have many pet customers, here are just a few of the little ones we look after on a regular basis.

Happy Doggie is a pet service for Alnwick & surrounding villages
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi for Northumberland.