Puppy walking & visits

Puppy Walking & Visits Service

We know that the most stressful part of having a puppy is when it comes to leaving them on their own during the day. Lets face it, we have all had the nightmare of coming home only to find your new puppy has found its own entertainment or even caught short and made a mess somewhere in the house. Happy Doggie can help relive this stress and provide a time during the day to come and visit your puppy, providing them with some play time, and clean up any unwanted mess they may have caused. Which, lets face it, is greatly appreciated when returning from work.

Puppies do require a lot of love and attention and human presence as they grow, which is something we can provide on a daily basis with our care visits. This can include anything from indoor playtime or even outdoor playtime and walks (if your Pup is old enough).

Routine is important for any puppy in the early stages of life, especially if they are to grow into a confident and become a sociable family pet. It will also help with toilet training and build a strong trust with not just you as an owner, but for Happy Doggie in preparation for our dog walking services.

Happy Doggie is a pet service for Alnwick & surrounding villages
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi for Northumberland.