Terms & Conditions

Happy Doggie are based in Rennington Village, and cover most of the surrounding villages of Alnwick.

  • An initial free consultation will take place at your home during which the owner warrants to disclose any behaviour or health problems including aggression, lack of house training or excessive barking or whining. All relevant medical history needs to be provided and updated every time you make a booking.
  • The owner warrants that your dog is clean and has received up to date vaccinations and regular treatment for fleas, ticks and worms. The yearly booster certificate will be sufficient to confirm inoculations are up to date.
  • Sorry, uncastrated males over 10 months old and bitches in season are not accepted on group walks.

Happy Doggie is a pet service for Alnwick & surrounding villages
Providing services such as Dog Walking, Pet Visits and a dedicated pet taxi for Northumberland.